Thursday, 23 June 2016

Influences on the student experience

Figure 1.  Draft conceptualisation of influences on the learning experience of work focused learners. Adapted from: Entwistle and Peterson (2004, fig. 3, p.421).

Recent graduates from the BA LTR course will firstly be interviewed via a narrative interview approach, the diagram will be developed further in the light of the analysis of that data.

Narrative interview underpinned by grounded theory.

Phase 1 open invite to: Tell me about your experience...

Phase 2 gap filling based on theory developed during phase 1.

Interpretation and Clarification – a reflexive feedback loop; checking my interpretation with each interviewee and gathering additional data. The analysis of individual interviews will be shared with the interviewee in order to provide the opportunity to comment on my interpretation and to withdraw any information should they wish to do so. This conversational feedback loop operates as a clarification progress (Northcut and McCoy, 2004, p.94) it aims to increase the reliability of my interpretation. This meeting will also be used for a short extension interview as a ‘gap filling’ activity. Prior to this meeting students will be provided with a link to the updated version of this diagram as a stimulus for participants to add supplemental thoughts.  


Entwistle, N. J. and Peterson E. R., 2004. Conceptions of learning and knowledge in higher education: Relationships with study behaviour and influences of learning environments. International Journal of Educational Research, vol. 41, pp.407-428. Elsevier.

Northcut and McCoy, 2004. Interactive Qualitative Analysis: A Systems Method for Qualitative Research. London. Sage Publications Ltd.

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